Monday, June 7, 2010

Dress This House - 2 Castaway

Islands belong in a stream, not in a kitchen.

During my most recent kitchen renovation, I was told by every kitchen designer to put an island right in the middle of it or I’d be hopelessly out of date. The implication was that my property values would wither if I went without, at the very least, a peninsula. Since I had already had an island the size of a small landing field in my former kitchen, (with a white Corian counter which I had to take better care of than my own children…never mind what they say in the brochure), I was not interested.

Islands are impediments. They get in your way. You have to go around them. Constantly. That is, of course, if you are planning to use the kitchen to cook in and not just look at. I firmly believe that unless you are using your kitchen to teach a large class, which, understandably, you’d want to keep on the other side of an immovable barrier, you’d be much happier with a regular table and chairs.

They can be moved around, put against a wall or even stuck in the middle of the room.

Like an island!

And while we're on the subject of kitchens:

Perches are for birds, not for people.

At my age, I am not interested in mounting a shaky stool to eat my breakfast, drink my homemade coffee and read the morning paper (all culturally doomed activites). I am short and it requires a great deal of effort for me to climb up and down from a stool.

I sat in a high chair when I was a baby and that was enough for me.

No one I know, who has kitchen stools, actually uses them. Children can fall off them. No one ever sat at the four that I had to buy to adorn the island in my former kitchen, unless, of course, I was having a party and they wanted to blockade the hors d’oeuvres from the other guests.

Islands always have stools around them.

I think I mentioned that I hate islands.


  1. Here is to all of us who despise and yet somehow manage to do without islands!!! LOL - suzanne dennison

  2. This is your best one yet!