Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Remembering Camp Kvutza 1944-65" is here!

If anybody is wondering where I have disappeared to all month, I've been very busy putting the finishing touches to my new book, "Remembering Camp Kvutza 1944-1965".  It's fresh from the printer and will be "launched" tomorrow at Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda synagogue, up in Bathurst Manor, off Wilmington.  Everyone is welcome, lots of cookies and coffee, Kvutza alumni, friends and relatives will join in for an afternoon of fun.

There will be lots of Kleenex, for those who get emotional when celebrating their past!

Come and join in the fun, pick up a copy and get together with old friends for an hour or two.  If you can't make it and would like a copy of the book, just contact me at
and we can make arrangements for pickup, delivery or mailing.
Copies are flying off to Florida, California, Bloomington, Edmonton and Detroit already!  

We Kvutzaniks are far flung!